Supportive pregnancy bandage


Supportive pregnancy bandage  

(Model 103)
The elastic supportive pregnancy bandage is provided for supporting the stomach and reducing the load for the back. It can be used after the delivery as well as to strengthen the stomach’s front wall. Extra fastenings for securing additional stability and a feeling of comfort are used in the bandage construction, as well as air-permeable materials, eliminating extra perspiration and allowing the skin to breathe. Additional strapping at the bandage sides allows the stomach to be supported in the required position. Velcro type straps placed at the bandage front and sides allow the possibility of choosing the most appropriate bandage tightness, in order to provide maximum comfort.

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Size Girth of the belly
1 S 88 - 100 cm
2 M 100 - 108 cm
3 L 108 - 116 cm
4 XL 116 - 124 cm



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Cotton 20%
Polyamide 56%
PUE 24%