Elastic postoperative belt for the back


Elastic postoperative belt for the back 

 (Model 106)
The elastic postoperative belt for the back is intended to be used after operations on the backbone or injuries (except for the pelvis or cervicothoracic area), in case of the backbone instability or displacement of vertebrae. The belt is used as an auxiliary means, in case of osteochondrosis, radiculitis or neuralgia. The belt helps to keep the correct posture and to avoid constraint poses, which provoke different pathologies.
For additional stability, four inserts are placed in the back part of the belt, helping to keep the axis of the back and to reduce movements in the belt area. Special construction of the belt allows for combining stability and comfort, through the use of air-permeable and light weight materials, which secure the required effect and are pleasant to wear.

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Size Belt circumference
1 S 60 - 70 cm
2 M 71 - 81 cm
3 L 92 - 102 cm
4 XL 93 - 103 cm
5 XXL 104 - 114 cm


Cotton 22%
Polyamide 23%
Lateks 18%
PUE 13%
PES 24%