Elastic postoperative abdominal belt


Elastic postoperative abdominal belt  

 (Model 107)
The elastic postoperative belt is intended for the relief of operation sutures, by strengthening the front abdominal wall. It is also used during the postnatal period to strengthen the front abdominal wall. Two additional fasteners at the back part of the belt provide it with extra stability. Unnecessary movements in the belt area are limited, thus reducing pain and ensuring a feeling of comfort.
The belt provides graduated pressure, adjusting to body shape. This is secured by filaments of various degree of elasticity embedded into the belt structure, dividing it into two longitudinal bands. The lowest degree of elasticity is marked with a white ribbon fixed to the horizontally placed adhesive at the external side of the belt. This part of the belt is recommended to be worn at the waist the area with the least circumference. Whereas, the belt with the largest degree of elasticity is used to adjust the belt to circular bends of the pelvis or ribs.


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Size Belt circumference
1 S 75 - 85 cm
2 M 86 - 96 cm
3 L 97 - 107 cm
4 XL 108 - 118 cm
5 XXL 119 - 129 cm


Polyamide 44%
Lateks 41%
PES 15%