Medical compression knee-high socks, closed toe


Medical compression knee-high socks, closed toe

(Аrt. AD201 – 10-17 mm Hg.)
Improve blood circulation; proven to be effective in preventing varicose veins; prevent swelling, pain and fatigue in legs. Assist in preventing chronic venous insufficiency in the case of genetic predisposition to venous diseases, tiredness in legs; during work that requires prolong sitting or standing, for persons who live a sedentary lifestyle; on long airline flights or car rides.

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  Foot (shoe) size, cm
  A-D   23-25    25-27    27-29
 A-D Travel 23-25    25-27    27-29    29-31 
 A-G  25    27    29
Size table

a – circumference of foot
b – circumference of lower leg in the narrowest part
b1 – circumference 10 cm over ankle
c – circumference of lower leg
d – circumference under knee
e – circumference over knee
f – circumference of upper leg
g – circumference of upper leg (5 cm under perineum)
h – circumference of hips
t – circumference of weight

A-D - knee-length socks
A-G - stockings
A-T - pantyhose

Color palette
  • 0000
  • 7006
  • 8001
  • 8003
  • 9999
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The Anti-bacterial treatment of silver ions Sanitized® Silver
1 pair in package


Nylon 76%
Lycra  24%