Prophylactic anti-embolism stockings, thigh high with inspection hole


Prophylactic anti-embolism stockings, thigh high with inspection hole 

Аrt. AG302 - 18-21 mm Hg.
Anti-embolism stockings are modern and effective means to prevent formation of thrombi and arterial thromboembolism. Anti-embolism stockings ensure reduction of vein lumen, reactivation of venous valves in lower limbs, and acceleration of venous blood flow to the heart thanks to the graduated pressure (compression) of 18– 21 mm Hg exerted on soft tissue and vein-walls of legs. Hospital anti-embolism stockings for use in hospitals during prenatal and postnatal period, as well as for prevention vein thrombosis and pulmonary artery thromboembolism in recumbent patients.

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  Circumference (cm)
Size b d g
S 17-20 28-34 41-54
M 20-23 31-37 48-61
L 23-26 34-40 55-68
XL 26-29 37-43 62-75
XXL 29-32 40-46 69-82
Lenght Short K Long D
A-D 34-38 38-43
A-G 62-71 71-82
Size table

a – circumference of foot
b – circumference of lower leg in the narrowest part
b1 – circumference 10 cm over ankle
c – circumference of lower leg
d – circumference under knee
e – circumference over knee
f – circumference of upper leg
g – circumference of upper leg (5 cm under perineum)
h – circumference of hips
t – circumference of weight

A-D - knee-length socks
A-G - stockings
A-T - pantyhose

Color palette
  • 0000
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The Anti-bacterial treatment of silver ions Sanitized® Silver
1 pair in package


Nylon 70%
Lycra 30%