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Why Health Professionals Choose Elastic Bandages Manufactured by Lauma Medical?



Established doctors who specialize in the treatment of varicose veins are experts in elastic bandages, and, therefore, the bandages manufactured by Lauma Medical are often their first choice.

The majority of domestic and foreign manufacturers offer knitted bandages containing synthetic materials, and only few of them produce woven bandages consisting of 96% cotton.

The elasticity degree of a bandage determines the necessary degree of compression it produces. Elastic bandages with high elasticity degree, like the ones manufactured by Lauma Medical, ensure uniform compression under the bandage both at rest and during motion. The bandages of Lauma Medical allow for adjusting the compressive pressure either by pulling or by wrapping it in multiple layers around the leg thus increasing the compression level. For instance, the compression is three times stronger under three layers of the bandage. It means that highly elastic bandages could be used in cases where increased compression is required.

An optimal treatment result and prevention are achieved thanks to specific properties of the bandage:

Made of entirely natural materials ensuring maximal wear comfort;

High elasticity (can elongate over 170%);

Special weaving technology, which is used for manufacturing of bandages, ensure excellent quality and retention of physical properties even after long-term and intensive use;

Fits ideally onto the curves of the body and enables skin to “breath”;

The dense structure prevents the bandage from slipping thus ensuring its stability;

The bandage can be easy cut to required length as its ends are untreated. 

Elastic bandages of Lauma Medical can be used also for fixation of joints of upper and lower limbs in case of dislocations and sprains, as well for prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries (to reduces knee, elbow, foot and hand muscle tension during physical exercise). 

Company’s long-term experience in textile manufacturing and modern technologies ensure the best quality of each product.