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Medical elastic bandage by Lauma Medical



The length of the elastic bandages manufactured by Lauma Medical varies from 0.6 m to 5 m; available in three widths as a standard: 8, 20 and 12 cm; percentage composition: 96 percent cotton, 4 percent elastane. Moreover, thanks to the special manufacturing technologies elastane yarns are completely covered by cotton yarns thus ensuring that user’s skin does not have any direct contact with synthetic yarns and enabling skin to breath. As a result, the product life can be extended as elastane is not destroyed by moisture or heat, and patient’s skin surface is not irritated even by prolonged wrapping treatment. 

Use of Lauma Medical elastic bandage

Elastic bandages are intended for use in the compression therapy to prevent and treat varicose veins, avoid thromboembolic complications after surgery, as well as a part of multiple treatments of thrombophelitis, and in traumatology for compression wrappings when plaster cast has been removed.

Malfunctioning of peripheral vein muscles and valves is one of the most common causes of varicose veins that leads to congestion of surplus blood quantity in vein lumen. As a result, veins expand and shift closer to skin surface. 

The therapeutic effect of Lauma Medical elastic bandages is based on their ability to provide assistance to weak veins in normal reduction, and prevent their filling with too much blood that may cause pains, especially after strain.

Lauma Medical elastic bandage: characteristics

1. Compression effect: Lauma Medical elastic bandages force the excessive liquid out of interstitial space back into lymphatic vessels thus reducing and preventing limb swelling.

2. Fixative effect: Lauma Medical elastic bandages produce compression on ligaments and muscles of limbs or joints reducing muscle, ligament and subcutaneous tissue mobility.  Immobility ensures that the treatment period is considerably reduced.

3. Warming effect: Lauma Medical elastic bandages produce optimal balance contributing to the reduction of pains, improvement of blood circulation and acceleration of tissue recovery.

4. Micro-massage effect: When moving the limbs, Lauma Medical elastic bandages provide a micro-massage effect on skin, subcutaneous tissues, muscles and ligaments, push blood from arteriolovenular bridge into veins thus helping in acceleration of microcirculation.  

5. Regeneration effect: Lauma Medical elastic bandages increase local blood supply thus creating optimal conditions for regeneration (recreation) of  injured tissues.

6. Protective effect: When using Lauma Medical elastic bandages on a continuous basis, ligaments, muscles and tissues of a limb are fixated in a moderately warmed up position; this reduces the probability of limb or tissue injury when exposed to stress. 

7. Hypoallergenicity: Lauma Medical elastic bandages are manufactured of natural cotton (96 percent).

Many years of company’s experience in manufacturing textiles, as well as modern technologies ensure the highest quality of each product.