More than 45 years of experience


The company AS Lauma was formerly well known as the largest textile producer in the Baltic states. AS Lauma was established in 1965, and the production of elastic bandages and belts launched over 45 years ago still goes on in the same premises. These two pioneers are precursors of modern products and founders of the production branch.  In the seventies, when Latvia was a part of SU, such products were developed centralized in leading medical institutes, and only after that they were moved into production. The manufacturing devices were also designed together with advanced equipment design engineers.

SIA Lauma Fabrics, a subsidiary of AS Lauma, was established at the end of 2005, and medical products were presented under the trademark Lauma Medical.

The concept and logo of the trademark Lauma Medical was developed in 2006, and the procedure of its registration in largest markets started. Lauma Medical began to sell their products in Kazakhstan, Moldova, Germany and other counties thus increasing sales turnover and promoting the products.

The company Lauma Fabrics is Lauma Medical trademarks owner who has inherited technologies and experience in manufacturing textiles, including manufacturing medical products that are introduced into the markets of both European and CIS countries.

In the last few years, several new medical products intended for prevention and treatment of certain health problems have been developed. Various bandages and belts are designed by taking into consideration the proposals of health professionals and patients, as well as by choosing the best suitable design and materials on the basis of knowledge of the new treatment methods, market trends and customer needs. 

In 2016, Lauma Medical is rebranded and widens its assortment by offering compression stockings:  pantyhose, knee-length socks, stockings, sleeves, anti-embolism stockings and diabetic socks. Compression stockings are available in various compression levels.