• What does compression stockings mean?

    Compression stockings are one of the basic means for preventing varicose veins, as well as an essential element of surgical treatment and sclerotherapy. Moreover, compression stockings are produced to fit specific disease states where pressure of various range is required. Therefore, medical stockings have corresponding compression class marks. The packaging of medical stockings should bear clear indications on the compression class and pressure in millimeters of mercury.
    The mechanism by which the compression stockings therapy works is based on precisely calculated and graduated pressure on venous walls. Compression stockings of different length and tight form an additional casing supporting veins and protecting them from excessive extension.

  • Elastic Bandage is an Elastic Term

    In our case, ‘compression’ means conscious application of pressure to attain the required clinical effect. Most commonly, the compression effect is reached by wearing elastic stockings or tights, and applying special elastic bandages in order to prevent swelling and cure several diseases causing venous drainage disorders in limbs.
    The bandages used in treatment of diseases of veins and lymphatic vessels differ among themselves both in their extensibility and other properties. I your doctor has failed to prescribe you a particular elastic bandage it would be rather complicated to choose because pharmacies offer them in a very wide range of models.
    This notice will provide you with information about differences between bandages thus enabling you to make correct choice from the huge number of various bandages.